Microsoft Software Development

Customer Relationship Management Services and Microsoft Software Development Company

CMS – Content Management System. CMS is a computer application based on web services used to circulate (publish), edit and modifying existed content,including blog-post,article,news and many more. It allows editing and deleting existed contents and to maintain as per requirements of users,content management system works on different producers whether it is manual or automatic cascade and maintain work-flow in co-operative environment,available since late 90s’. Professional programmers creates CMS depending on the changes and up-gradations clients needs in company website,posted blogs and articles or any other content.


.Net is a programming language based on open source for web development and design dynamic web pages,It a revealed by the Microsoft in order to programmers can deal with web development to create dynamic web pages,web applications and web service. Microsoft is very powerful component in I.T sector,major companies deal with Microsoft based programmed web applications and software’s,officially known as web forms have superior building state for web and mobile application development files containing .aspx extension,page behind these files have different title used while coding.

The One Technologies is one of the leading I.T sector firm providing load of services including CMS and Microsoft software development. Our skilled programmers are flexible to work on any platform and deliver quality work services within give time frame box,we never compromise with quality of delivery of an project and excellent customer services.


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