Web Design & Development

Difference Between the Web Design and Web Development


Web site is very basic step towards the broadening your business ratio and conduction of promoting your services, once we are done with manual promotion then it comes to on-line promotion and development of your business, Here I.T sector plays its role in promoting your business through Internet service in on-line web world.

When it comes to specify web design and web development each term, most of non-technical people gets confuse by making phrase that both are same on thing. That is entirely wrong statement, web design and web development both are different terms like one is the sky and other is the earth. Web designing is something related to layout design of your website, how it will look and appears to the visitors with specified features as per the owners requirements. Web development is something closely related to back part of web site including server part and script coding of particular website, web design is like outer body of any vehicle that appears to you and web development is related term with engine of that vehicles including all the creation details of that particular engine.


The One Technologies is one of the leading company in market since long time, providing both services including web designing and web development, our highly skilled designer work on designing unique and creative layout design using combination of high graphics and animated work part. Coming to web development, we have skilled and well trained programmers for the web development part with unique features as per clients’ requirements.

We assure for the quality work service in given time frame box with unique service for each client, have the history of satisfied clients which makes us proud for our provided services. Approach The One Technologies now, Hurry up! Before your competitor does !


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