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How to Start Windows Phone Application Development?

There is no denial about the increasing popularity of Windows mobile phone users. With Windows Phone 8, the porting of apps between Windows Phone and Windows 8 has become relatively easy as Microsoft has used common run time for both platforms. This is the reason while deciding to shift or create new business applications, you must consider the Windows platform.

Our Windows Phone Application Development team is well acquainted with Windows mobile SDK, Visual Studio, .NET compact framework, SQL Server mobile edition in both native and managed programming languages.

Why should you prefer Windows Phone Application Development?

Some of the reasons why you should prefer Windows Phone Application Development :


  • Common run time for Windows Phone and Desktop OS
  • Advanced Security in Windows Phone Apps
  • Extended reliability by Microsoft
  • Strong Competitive Edge
  • .NET framework for better productivity
  • Higher rate of ROI

Portfolio :

We do continuous learning to ensure that our team understands the latest technical advancements and adapts them on every new project.


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More info : 

INDIA : +91 7940327195  

CANADA : +1 613-600-3598


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